Monday, 27 Sep 2021

Kitchen tools must haves

If you have recently moved out and setting your house then there is a time to come when you will have to look after your kitchen. You might also be wondering as to what are the kitchen must haves as the market is full of a thousand different versions of the same thing. How does one decide what is essential and what is luxury?

Well, you need to stop stressing now as we have got a huge list of kitchen must haves eradicating all the unnecessary items and helping you in picking things quickly in one go.


Who doesn’t need knives in a kitchen? – Unless you are on the run from a serial killer who likes chopping. HAH! A good set of knives will work perfectly fine for minor cuttings here and there. A knife set usually consists of small chopping knife, sharp knives, meat cutting ones and butter knife.

Chop Boards

Chop boards or cutting boards usually go hand in hand with knives as an amateur may need these tools. Chop boards come in all shapes and sizes, made out of all types of material. Some boards are made out of plastic while others are made from different types of wood – mostly bamboo – for fine consistency and better chopping experience.


All sorts of bowls should be welcome in your kitchen as there is no thing such as ‘enough bowls’. These bowls help you get through in your day to day life and comes as a lifesaver to your left overs. We would suggest picking clear plastic bowls with caps instead of color ones or glass as the glass ones are always on a risk of breaking while the colored ones hide the contents inside and it becomes a nuisance to check all of them one by one.


Even a professional chef requires peeler as they are the life savours – and also time. It makes peeling much easier and actually fun as well as satisfying. Fruit and vegetable peeling can be done in a few minutes sparing a lot of time to prepare for the next step of cooking.

Spoons, whisks, spatulas and tongs

Even if you plan on rarely cooking in your kitchen, you will still need spoons and tongs to serve your takeaways or prepare some ready made frozen or microwave meals.

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