Saturday, 23 Oct 2021

Quick Guide to Porcelain Veneers

Who doesn’t want to have a picture perfect smile? But what are the things that make up for a pretty smile? Perfectly aligned teeth, white shining surface or the right shape? Well, these are all those qualities which make up for a beautiful smile stapled on a pretty face like yours.

But the real question is, how do you achieve that kind of perfect look?

Veneer is the answer to that. Veneer is a thin layer covered over a rough surface. Veneer – in the language of dentistry – is known as a thin layer of very strong porcelain which very smartly takes over the natural tooth layer making it look a lot prettier than the natural one as it is tougher than the usual one.

The Best pediatric dentist in Dubai suggests that veneers can be used for 3 main purposes which includes the enhancement of color, size or shape and alignment of teeth.

Color is the most important characteristic in teeth. Though, our teeth are naturally colored in accordance to our skin tone, still it can sometimes feel dull due to our diet habits and sometimes even because of age. Veneers can solve the problem of yellow teeth very efficiently.

Sometimes what we are given naturally is not enough and we need something more than the usual. The shape and size of your teeth can easily be manipulated by dental veneers in Dubai. A lot of people believe that round teeth tend to look more feminine than the square ones which look masculine.

The alignment is also necessary. Once we had a routine check up and as soon as the dentist asked my friend to show her teeth, the dentist commented about what a perfect set of teeth she had. No wonder why she always got such candid pictures so perfectly.

But there are still some situations where we won’t recommend using veneers for settlement of your teeth such as huge misalignment of teeth or if you have some serious grinding problems. Sometimes the loss of teeth from decay or some serious trauma can also lead to no use of veneers when actually only porcelain teeth crowns can work best for you.

This world of advancing technology has made everything easier. Even veneers are now more advanced in their field as they can bond perfectly with the natural enamel giving you a smile.